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Changing the Format of Your Chart Elements
choice—for example, right-clicking a legend displays a shortcut menu including the Format
Legend command. When you select that command, a formatting dialog box appears in
which you can select the colors, styles, and placement for the legend.
Figure 16-20 Use the Chart Elements list to select the chart element you want to change.
The formatting commands available vary depending on the type of chart you’re creating
and the chart element you’ve selected. You’ll see a different set of options, for example,
when you right-click a chart axis than you will when you right-click the legend.
Changing the Format of Your Chart Elements
Word includes a Ribbon full of formatting choices that enable you to add color and texture
to the shapes of the elements in your chart. Additionally, you can use the Format options
to apply special effects to your text by changing color, adding mirroring, shadowing, glow
effects, and more. Here are a few possibilities to consider as you think about the ways you
want to enhance your chart.
Do you want a border around your chart? If so, what kind? You make those choices
on the Format tab of the Chart Tools.
Do you want to choose a different color or line thickness for the border of your
chart? Look in the Shape Styles group on the Format tab for the choices you need.
Would you like to add a drop shadow to the chart? Click the Shape Effects down
arrow, point to Shadow, and then choose the style you want.
Do you want to apply a special text effect to your title or axes titles? Choose a
WordArt style that reflects the way you want the text in your chart to appear.
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