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Formatting Shapes
You can change each of these items by first selecting the chart you want to change and
then by selecting the Format tab on the Chart Tools. Figure 16-21 shows the commands
that are available when the Format tab is selected.
Figure 16-21 The Format tab includes tools for changing colors, shapes, shadows, and more in
your charts.
Formatting Shapes
Word provides you with an almost unlimited number of ways to enhance charts in your
documents. One way you can make a big visual difference is by applying formats to the shapes
that make up the chart. For example, consider the chart title in Figure 16-22. The 3-D style
applied to the title is one of many available in the Shape Styles gallery (on the Chart Tools
Format tab).
Figure 16-22 You can add special styles to the shapes in your chart by using the Shape Styles
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