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Formatting Shapes
Begin by selecting the object in your chart that you want to change. Anything that you can
click qualifies—you can change the title, the label area, the individual data series, the axes,
and more. When you select an element, Word automatically updates the Shape Styles to
show the styles available for that chart element. You can click the More button to see the
entire gallery of styles available for the selected element. Click your selection to apply it to
the chart.
Adding Shadows, Glows, and More
You can make further changes to the shape you’ve selected using the additional choices in
the Shape Styles group on the Format tab.
Shape Fill This option displays a palette in which you can change the color,
gradient, pattern, or texture of the selected shape.
Shape Outline This choice includes color selections as well as line width and style
choices that change the outline of the shape.
Shape Effects Select Shape Effects to display a gallery of style choices with which
you can add shadows, make the shape glow, soften the edges, rotate the shape in
3-D, and much more (see Figure 16-23).
Figure 16-23 The Shape Effects gallery gives you options to dramatically change the look
of shapes in your chart.
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