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Inserting Pictures
Word 2010 accepts graphics files in a number of popular formats, as Table 17-1 shows.
By default, All Pictures is selected in the File Type list (located toward the lower-right of
the Insert Picture dialog box). If you want to see only files of a certain format, click the All
Pictures arrow and choose the format you want to display from the list.
Table 17-1 Picture Files Supported in Word 2010
Supported Format
File Extension
Windows Enhanced Metaile
Windows Metaile
JPEG File Interchange Format
Portable Network Graphic
Windows Bitmap
Graphics Interchange Format
Compressed Windows Enhanced Metaile
Compressed Windows Metaile
Compressed Macintosh PICT
Tagged Image File Format
WordPerfect Graphics
Computer Graphics Metaile
Encapsulated Postscript
Macintosh PICT
Add Multiple Images
You can add more than one picture at once while using the Insert Picture dialog box.
Simply click the first image you want to add then press and hold Ctrl while you click
additional images, or press and hold Shift while clicking the last image in a list of
images you want to select. When everything you want is selected, click Insert. Word
then imports all selected images at once into the current document.
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