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Adding Clip Art
Add Now, Edit Later
I n some situations you might want to add a photo, logo, or drawing that is not quite
finished to your document. If your group is designing a new logo, for example, you
might want to insert the logo in your document while it is going through the review
process, with the idea that you will update the logo with the finalized version after it’s
When you use Insert Picture to add the image to your Word page, you can maintain a
link to the original file so that when the image is updated (in the case of our example,
the logo graphic), the changes are reflected in your Word document as well. To
maintain this link, select the file in the Insert Picture dialog box then click the arrow to the
right of the Insert button. Click Insert and Link from the list that appears.
Adding Clip Art
You probably already know that Word includes a collection of clip art you can use in your
own documents. You’ll find all sorts of different topics represented, from animals to
transportation to people and holidays. In addition to the clip art images available in your
version of Word, you can also include content to expand the number of results
presented to you when you’re on the hunt for just the right illustration. When you want to
insert a piece of clip art in a document, click Clip Art in the Illustrations group. The Clip Art
task pane appears along the right edge of the document window (see Figure 17-2).
In the Clip Art task pane, type what you’re looking for in the Search for box and then click
the Go button. You don’t need to know the name of a specific category—simply enter a
word that describes the kinds of images you want to display: for example, people . A
selection of clips related to the word or phrase you entered appears in the task pane. If you want
to include clip art from, select the Include Content check box. The
results of the search appear in the task pane display area.
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