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Finding What You Need Quickly with the Navigation Pane
Figure 1-18 The Navigation pane enables you to view, move through, and search your
document by heading, page view, or text search.
The Navigation pane offers three different tabs that move you through the information in
your document by one of these methods:
Browse the headings in your document. When you click this tab (shown in
Figure 1-18), Word 2010 displays a list of headings in your document. Clicking on any
of these heading will bring you directly to the point in the file where the heading
Browse the pages in your document. This tab displays thumbnail images of the
pages in your document. Again, you can move to a specific page by clicking on an
image in this view.
Browse the results from your current search. This tab shows the results of a
search performed using a word or text phrase you enter in the Search Document box.
The results are listed and highlighted, as shown in Figure 1-19. Move to the result in
the file by clicking the result you want to see.
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