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Adding Clip Art
Figure 17-5 Limit your search to a specific file type to focus your results.
The Clip Art task pane displays only photographs that reflect the topic you entered at the
top of the pane. Click the image that you want to add to your document.
Manage Your Images and Clips
T he Microsoft Clip Organizer enables you to keep all your image, sound, and motion
files in one place, arranged according to category. To start the Microsoft Clip
Organizer, click the Start button, point to All Programs, click Microsoft Office, and then
click the program name in the Microsoft Office 2010 Tools. To choose clip art from
the Microsoft Clip Organizer, simply navigate to the image you want and select it in the
view window. Here’s a quick look at some of the tasks you might want to use the Clip
Organizer to accomplish:
Save your favorite images and media clips by dragging the item to your Favorites
Add your own images to the Clip Organizer by selecting Add Clips To Organizer
from the File menu and clicking Automatically.
Create a new collection in the Clip Organizer by choosing New Collection in the
File menu. You can then name the collection and add your own clips.
Review the properties of a specific image or media clip by selecting the item and
then choosing Preview/Properties from the clip’s contextual menu.
Add or edit clip keywords by selecting the clip and choosing Edit Keywords. Use
the Add, Modify, or Delete buttons to change the keywords as needed.
Remove clips you no longer need by deleting them from the existing category or
deleting them from the Clip Organizer. Select the item you want to remove then
choose the Delete option that reflects the type of deletion you want.
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