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Adding Shapes and Lines
Adding Shapes and Lines
Do you like to create your own illustrations using the various shape tools in Word? If so,
you’ll find the shape tools in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab. When you want to
draw any configuration of shapes or lines, you’ll begin with the Shapes tool. When you click
Shapes, a gallery full of shapes and lines appears (see Figure 17-6).
Figure 17-6 The Shapes gallery offers you a large selection of shapes and tools to use.
To draw a shape or line, simply click the tool you want and use the pointer to draw the
object on the screen. If you plan to use multiple shapes and lines—perhaps to create a
simple diagram or flowchart—working on the drawing canvas helps you to keep all items
together and work with them as a group. Using the drawing canvas is optional, however—
you can choose to simply draw the shapes and lines directly on the document page. The
next section gives you more detail on using the drawing canvas when you’re working with
Working with the Drawing Canvas
You’ll find the New Drawing Canvas option at the bottom of the Shapes gallery. Although
it’s not required that you use it to create all your drawings and shapes, the drawing canvas
does make it easier when you need to draw and work with multiple shapes in one area.
When a drawing’s shapes are contained in a drawing canvas, you can move and resize the
drawing as a unit as well as position the drawing relative to surrounding text and graphics.
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