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Adding Shapes and Lines
When you choose New Drawing Canvas from the Shapes gallery, a new canvas appears,
displaying a frame-like boundary. You can drag the sides and corners to resize the canvas as
needed. Although the drawing canvas doesn’t have borders or background formatting, you
can add formatting features to it just as you can customize any other drawing object. You
might want to add color and shading, resize the frame, or add 3-D effects.
Using the Drawing Grid
When you’re using shapes and lines, the drawing grid is another handy tool that can help
you to align items in the drawing as you create them. The drawing grid is available whether
you’re using the drawing canvas or not.
To display the drawing grid, on the View tab, click Gridlines in the Show group. A grid
appears on the work area of your document, as Figure 17-7 shows. Notice that the margins
of the document are left blank.
Figure 17-7 Display the drawing grid when you need to precisely align shapes and lines.
Now when you draw a shape or line, the object automatically snaps to a line on the grid.
If you are displaying inches as your unit of measurement, the gridlines appear at intervals
of 1/8 of an inch. If your unit of measurement is set to centimeters, the grid marks off 1/3 of
a centimeter with each block. And if you are using picas, each grid block is equal to 1/8
of a pica.
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