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Editing Pictures
To change the unit of measurement displayed in the grid, on the File tab, click Options then
select the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Display options. Click the Show
Measurements in Units Of arrow and choose the measurement setting you prefer. You can choose
from Inches, Centimeters, Millimeters, Points, and Picas.
If you want to position an object in such a way that it doesn’t align to the grid (even
though the grid is still enabled), click the shape and hold the mouse button down for a
moment, then press Alt and drag the shape or line to the position where you want it to
appear. When you release the mouse button, the object will remain where you placed
it, whether or not it is aligned with the grid.
Editing Pictures
Today, it is easy to grab your own digital photos and include them in documents you
create. But what will you do for important documents you’ll be sharing with your public?
Do you need to buy professional photos for high-quality work, or is there something you
can do in Word to make your images really pop?
Word 2010 includes a number of enhancements when it comes to picture editing, and the
program also adds a valuable feature known as Artistic Effects, with which you can apply
all sorts of filters to your images to give them a special artistic look. So the answer can be
good both for your budget and your audience—Word 2010 picture editing tools can help
you make ho-hum images look great.
Applying Artistic Effects
Now when you work with pictures in Word you can transform ordinary photos using a
variety of available filters. The new Artistic Effects enable you to turn an everyday image into
a stylized graphic that looks like a pencil drawing, a chalk sketch, a watercolor painting,
or even a picture set in cement, viewed through a screen, or wrapped in plastic! To apply
Artistic Effects to a picture on your page, simply click the picture and then select the Picture
Tools Format tab. In the Adjust group, click Artistic Effects. A gallery of filters appears; you
can preview the different effects by pointing to them with the mouse. Figure 17-8 shows
the Texturize effect being applied to a picture.
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