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Editing Pictures
Figure 17-8 With Artistic Effects, you can apply stylized looks to your everyday pictures.
The styles of the Artistic Effects vary widely, so you can find styles that range from
conservative and understated (Line Drawing, for example) to abstract (Plastic Wrap). Here are the
various effects you can apply:
Chalk Sketch
Mosaic Bubbles
Light Screen
Pencil Grayscale
Pastels Smooth
Paint Brush
Line Drawing
Film Grain
Crisscross Etching
Paint Strokes
Glow Edges
Plastic Wrap
Watercolor Sponge
Pencil Sketch
Glow Diffused
You can tailor the look of individual Artistic Effects by clicking the Artistic Effects Options
item at the bottom of the Artistic Effects gallery. In the Format Picture dialog box, choose
the Artistic Effect you want to change, adjust the settings to reflect what you’d like to see,
and click OK to save your changes.
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