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Editing and Adjusting Images
Although Artistic Effects are fun and interesting, use them sparingly in your document (for
example, choose one style and stick with it) and don’t overdo the artistic lair. A little “artsy”
goes a long way, so make sure your products are recognizable, images of people are clear,
and your pictures support the overall goal of your document, whatever that might be.
Editing and Adjusting Images
Word includes a number of image adjustment tools that you can use to bring out the best
in your images. You’ll find the whole set located in the Adjustment group of the contextual
Picture Tools. To display the tools, click on the picture you want to change. The Picture Tools
appear on the Ribbon. The Format tab is automatically selected.
The Adjustment group is located on the far left. Depending on the type of change you
want to make to your picture, click one of the following tools:
Corrections With this tool, you can sharpen and soften the image and adjust
brightness and contrast. These settings change the intensity of the outlines in the
picture as well as the amount of light included in an image. You can easily review
the different choices in the gallery (which are applied to the actual picture you have
selected in your document) and click the item that reflects the effect you’d like to
create (see Figure 17-9).
Color This control helps you make color adjustments to the color saturation of the
image (ranging from no color to high color), the tone of the color used (from cool
to warm), and the colors you might use to recolor an image. Again, click the gallery
item that matches the way you’d like the picture to look.
Recoloring an image enables you to apply a color wash to your picture that might, for
instance, give it an old-fashioned feel (like a sepia-toned image) or make it blend
naturally with the color scheme in the Theme applied to your document.
Compress Pictures This reduces the file size of the image (not the actual
dimensions of the image in the document) so that when you save the file, it will be as
compact as possible. When Word displays the Compress Pictures dialog box, click OK
to compress all images in the document. If you want to compress only the selected
image(s), choose the Apply To Selected Pictures Only check box before you click OK.
Change Picture Change Picture displays the Insert Picture dialog box so that you
can replace the selected photo with a new one.
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