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Cropping Pictures
Reset Picture The Reset Picture tool reverses any modifications you’ve made to the
original photo, returning it to its original size, shape, and coloring. You can click the
arrow to the right of the tool to reset the picture effects only or to return the picture
to its earlier display and size.
Figure 17-9 Click Corrections to change the sharpness, brightness, and contrast of your
Cropping Pictures
Cropping images is a simple process, but it can dramatically improve the look of your
photo by removing unnecessary elements from the image. For example, suppose that a
diver’s swim in appears in the corner of an underwater photo you want to use for the Coral
Reef Divers annual report. You can easily crop the photo to remove the unwanted in and
help your readers focus on the important part of the photo.
To crop your photo, follow these steps:
Insert the photo in your document and then select to display the Picture Tools.
2. Click Crop in the Size group. The pointer changes to a cropping tool.
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