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Cropping Pictures
3. Position the tool on the edge or corner of the image where you want to begin
cropping, then drag the side or corner of the image inward until the portion of the
picture you want to remove has been cropped out (see Figure 17-10).
Figure 17-10 Crop a photo to display only the part of the image that you want.
When you crop a photo, the rest of the image isn’t actually gone; its display is
merely blocked from view beyond the boundary of the crop area. This means
that if you decide to move the photo to another part of the document and
redisplay the hidden part of the image, you can do that. Just select the Crop tool
again and this time, drag the corner or side outward to reveal the rest of the
hidden image. Note, however, that if you have selected the Delete Cropped Areas Of
Pictures check box in the Compression Settings dialog box, the cropped portions
of the image will in fact be deleted when you save the document.
Now in Word 2010, you can do even more with the Crop tool. You can click Crop and use
the tool as just described, or if you want, you can crop the image to a specific shape. To do
so, click the Crop arrow and choose Crop To Shape then click the shape you want to use
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