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Resizing Pictures
from the gallery that appears. The shape is applied to the selected image. You can also use
the Fill and Fit options to change the way the picture appears after the crop. When you
choose Fill, the cropped picture ills the resulting picture frame and any portions of the
picture outside the frame are cropped. When you choose Fit, the picture is fitted to the new
frame and the aspect ratio is preserved.
You can also adjust the aspect ratio of the picture you crop by clicking Aspect Ratio in the
Crop list and then clicking the aspect setting you want to use. If you are unsure about what
will look best on your page, click a size and preview it on the page. If you want to undo the
change, simply press Ctrl+Z.
Using a Picture as a Page Background
Y ou can turn a picture you like into a background for your Word document. On the
Page Layout tab, click in the Page Background group then click Page Color. Choose
Fill Effects from the list that appears.
In the Fill Effects dialog box, choose the Picture tab. Then choose Select Picture and
choose the picture you want to use for your background from the Select Picture
dialog box. Click Insert to add the picture to the Fill Effects dialog box then click OK. The
image is added to the background of your document. Note that if the image size is
smaller than the length and width of your page, it will be repeated, or tiled, as needed
to ill the space.
If you want to remove the picture, on the Page Layout tab, click Page Color, and then
click No Color. The background picture is removed because the new selection overrides
any previous Page Color selection.
Resizing Pictures
An operation that goes hand-in-hand with cropping is resizing the images you import. This
is one technique you’ll use all the time—pictures rarely come into your documents at just
the right size.
Resizing a picture in Word is similar to resizing any object. To begin, click the image to
select it. Handles appear around the edges of the object. If you want to enlarge the image,
click in one corner of the picture and drag the handle outward. When the image is the size
you want, release the mouse button.
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