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Rotating Pictures
If resizing your picture to a precise measurement is important, use the Size command,
available in the picture’s options. Here’s how:
1. Right-click the image in your document.
2. Choose Size and Position from the options that appear.
3. On the Size tab of the Layout dialog box, choose whether you want the Height
and Width of the image to be relative to the page or set using absolute values (see
Figure 17-11).
Additionally, you can enter other positioning and size values, such as Rotation and
Figure 17-11 Use the Size tab of the Layout dialog box when you want to enter a specific
size for an image.
4. Click OK to save your settings, and Word resizes the image according to your
Rotating Pictures
Some of your documents are likely to be fairly straightforward and won’t require a lot of
special picture techniques. But once in a while you will have a reason to do something fun
like rotating pictures. With the Rotate control in Word you can simply drag a picture in the
direction you want to turn it—very simple and easy to use. Instead of moving the image
in predesigned increments, the Rotate tool lets you be in control of how far you want the
picture to revolve.
Start by clicking the picture in your document. You’ll notice that a round green handle
appears in the top center of your image. This is the rotate handle. Position the mouse on
that handle; note that the pointer changes to a curved arrow, indicating that you can drag
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