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Displaying Rulers and Gridlines
Figure 1-19 You can search for text in your document, and the Navigation pane shows
you every place the word or phrase appears.
You can also search for specific objects in your document using the Browse Object
features. For more about searching and navigating your document, see Chapter 8,
“Navigating Your Document.”
Displaying Rulers and Gridlines
When you are working on a document in which the alignment and sizing of elements is
important, you will want to turn on rulers and gridlines to ensure that items line up on the
page and meet the measurements you need. The controls for both items are found in the
Show/Hide group on the View tab.
You can display and hide rulers quickly using a tool located at the top of the vertical
scrollbar. The rulers are displayed by default, so to hide the them, click the View Ruler button. To
redisplay the rulers, click the tool a second time.
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