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Removing Picture Backgrounds
the handle in the direction you want to rotate the image (see the graphic that follows). If
you prefer, you can alternatively indicate the specific degree by which you want to rotate
the image by entering the value in the Rotation box on the Size tab of the Layout dialog box.
When you apply shadows or frames or other special picture effects to the image, Word
automatically takes the angle into account, with no calculating required. Nice.
Removing Picture Backgrounds
Have you ever found just the right image for one of your documents but then had a hard
time trying to edit out something in the background that you didn’t want to include? Now
Word 2010 helps you easily lift an object right off a picture background. This gives you
more flexibility in creating images that focuses your readers’ attention on only that which
you want most to illustrate.
Begin by clicking the picture you want to edit. On the Picture Tools Format tab, look for the
Remove Background tool, which is located at the far-left end of the Ribbon in the Adjust
group. Click this tool and Word automatically selects what it sees as the image background
and displays the Background removal tab (see Figure 17-12).
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