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Enhancing Pictures
If you ever want to return the image to full display and restore the background, you
can do so by clicking the picture, then on the Picture Tools Format tab, click Reset
Picture in the Adjust group.
Enhancing Pictures
Once you add and edit the pictures in your document, you might want to add some
additional stylistic touches that help your pictures look like a part of your overall document
design. Picture Styles are great because they give you the most dramatic enhancements for
the smallest amount of effort. You can also add borders and tweak the effects to change
the look of the images on the page.
Applying Picture Styles to Your Images
Picture styles work similarly to the other quick styles you’ll find in strategic places
throughout Word 2010. When you select a picture in your document, the contextual Picture Tools
become available on the Ribbon. The Picture Styles have their own group in the middle of
the Format tab, as shown in the following illustration.
The Picture Styles gallery shows the various styles you can apply to the selected image. You
can display the entire selection of styles by clicking the More button in the lower-right
corner of the gallery (see Figure 17-13). Preview the various styles by positioning the mouse
pointer over an item in the gallery; when you find one you want to use, click the mouse to
select the picture style.
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