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Enhancing Pictures
Figure 17-13 The Picture Styles gallery provides you with many different ways to display
an image.
Adding a Picture Border
When you click Picture Border in the Picture Styles group, a color palette appears from
which you can choose the color of the border you want to apply, as well as the weight and
style of the line used to create the border (see Figure 17-14). The top portion of the palette
lists the colors that match the theme that is currently applied to your document; the
Standard Colors area of the palette provides primary colors. If you want to choose a color that
does not appear in the palette, click More Outline Colors and then select the color from
either the Standard or Custom tab. To apply it to the selected picture, click OK after you
choose the color.
Figure 17-14 You can choose the color, weight, and style of the border you add to your pictures.
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