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Adding Captions to Pictures
Adding a Picture Effect
Picture effects give you a wide range of special formats you can apply to the selected
picture. You can choose from among a variety of shadow styles, apply a glow to the outer
edges, display a reflection of the image, soften the edges, create a beveled effect, and apply
3-D effects and rotation.
To apply a picture effect, select the picture and then click Picture Effects in the Picture Styles
group. A palette of choices appears. Point to the effects category you want to apply (Preset,
Shadow, Reflection, Glow, Soft Edges, Bevel, and 3-D Rotation). A palette of effects opens
to display your choice. Use Live Preview to see how the different effects will appear in your
document (see Figure 17-15).
Figure 17-15 Use Picture Effects to enhance your pictures by adding shadows, bevel effects,
3-D effects, and more.
Adding Captions to Pictures
Readers like to know what your images contain, so unless you’re certain that readers will
understand what your images are showing, you might want to consider adding figure captions.
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