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Modifying Shapes and Lines
The process is simple, and you can control the look and placement of the text by following
these steps:
1. Right-click the picture to which you want to add the caption.
2. Click Insert Caption to display the Caption dialog box, as Figure 17-16 shows.
Figure 17-16 You can easily add captions to the images in your document by
rightclicking a picture and choosing Insert Caption.
In the top text box, type the caption you want to appear with the figure.
You might want to customize the look of the caption by changing one of the
following items:
If you want to hide the label (for example, Figure), select the Exclude Label
From Caption check box.
If you want to change the way in which the captions are numbered, click the
Numbering button and select your choice.
4. Click OK to save the caption settings and return to the document.
The caption is displayed in a color, font, size, and style that are controlled by the theme
selected for your document. If you change the theme later (on the Page Layout tab, select
Themes and choose a new theme from the gallery), the captions will be reformatted
If you prefer to change the format of the captions, you can do so on the Home tab by
choosing new settings from your choices in the Font group. Remember, however, that once
you change the captions from a theme-supported style, you must reformat them manually
if you ever apply a new theme.
Modifying Shapes and Lines
In the preceding section, you learned how to change and enhance the pictures you include
in your document. This section focuses on drawings—the shapes and lines you add to help
illustrate concepts in your text. Pictures and shapes share some similar techniques because
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