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Adding and Formatting Shape Text
Adding and Formatting Shape Text
You can easily add text to some shapes you draw using the Shapes tools. Right-click the
shape into which you want to include the text and then choose Add Text if it is available
(see Figure 17-18). The cursor is positioned in the shape. Type the text you want to appear
in the shape. Notice that the text reformats automatically to accommodate the amount of
room in the shape.
Figure 17-18 Choose Add Text to position the cursor inside the shape.
If you want to reformat the text inside the shape, simply highlight the text and choose the
formatting you want from the Mini Toolbar that appears above the selection (see Figure
17-19). For best results, keep the text items short and easy to understand.
Figure 17-19 Change the format of shape text by using the Mini Toolbar that appears above the
added text.
Modifying Lines and Fills
A shape you create in Word has two main areas: the borders (called the shape outline ) and
the interior (called the shape ill ). With the Shape Fill and Shape Outline tools in the Styles
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