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Adding and Formatting Shape Text
group of the Drawing Tools palette (located just to the right of the Shape Styles gallery),
you can choose different settings for the display of those items.
Changing the Shape Fill
You can be really creative with the interior of the shapes you add to Word, displaying them
in wild colors (or better yet, colors that correspond to your logo or letterhead), adding
special textures, even inserting pictures. Follow these steps to enhance the interior of your
1. Click the shape you want to change.
2. Click Shape Fill arrow in the Shape Styles group of the Drawing Tools.
3. From the list that appears, choose the type of effect you’d like to apply.
Figure 17-20 shows the gallery that appears when you choose Textures, and Table
17-2 describes each of the choices.
Figure 17-20 The Shape Fill gallery provides you with a wide range of choices for
formatting the shapes in your document.
4. Click your choice, and the format is applied to the shape.
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