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Displaying Rulers and Gridlines
Alternatively, you can display vertical and horizontal rulers by selecting the Ruler check box
on the View tab. To hide the rulers, clear the Ruler check box.
Adding gridlines is a similar process. On the View tab, select the Gridlines check box.
Gridlines appear on your document to which you can easily align pictures, quotes, or other
elements on your page (see Figure 1-20).
Figure 1-20 Gridlines help you to align pictures, charts, and other elements in your document.
If you don’t like rulers cluttering up your work area and you want to remove the
vertical ruler in Print Layout view, you can turn it off using Word Options. On the File tab,
choose Options, and then choose Advanced and scroll down to the Display options.
Clear the check box for Show Vertical Ruler In Page Layout View. Click OK to save your
changes. When you return to Print Layout view, the vertical ruler will be gone.
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