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Formatting Shadows and 3-D Effects
Formatting Shadows and 3-D Effects
In addition to adding textures and colors, you can apply shadow and three-dimensional
(3-D) effects to your shapes and lines in Word 2010. Although some shadow and 3-D
effects were available in the previous version of Word, these features have been
dramatically improved and are now included as a choice in the Shape Effects gallery. Now you have
a broad collection of options at your disposal for tailoring your shapes and lines to get just
the look you want.
Adding and Controlling Shadows
You can instantly add depth to your drawings in Word by adding a shadow to the edge of
an object. Click Shape Effects in the Shape Styles group on the Drawing Tools Format tab
and point to Shadow. The gallery of choices shown in Figure 17-21 appears, from which
you can choose the type of shadow you want to apply.
Figure 17-21 You can easily add depth to a shape in your document by adding a shadow effect.
If you later want to remove the shadow, click the shape and choose Shadow Effects again,
But this time, click No Shadow (at the top of the gallery).
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