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Adding Screenshots and Clippings
Adding Screenshots and Clippings
Another new feature in Word 2010 enables you to easily add pictures of your screen for
those times when a screen capture will quickly convey what would take you paragraphs of
text to explain. You can capture an entire picture of the current screen or grab just the part
you need to insert in a document. Here’s how it’s done:
1. On the Insert tab, click Screenshot in the Illustrations group.
2. A gallery of screenshots appears, showing you the various screens available on your
computer at the moment (see Figure 17-24).
3. Click the one you want to insert at the cursor position.
Figure 17-24 You can insert a picture of your screen in your current document.
If you’d rather grab only a portion of a screen, click Screenshot in the Illustrations group
and click Screen Clipping. A cross-hair pointer appears, with which you select the area of
the screen you want to include. When you release the mouse button, the section of the
screen you clipped is inserted on your page.
Arranging Art on the Page
Now that you know how to add and enhance pictures as well as how to create and modify
drawings, the final step for working with art in your document involves arranging objects
on the page so that everything lows together well. To accomplish this, you need to know
how to group and ungroup objects, handle object layering, and set up text low the way you
want it.
Aligning Objects
When you have a number of objects in your document, arranging them so that they it
together well is a big part of making sure your document looks as good as possible. If
you’ve created a drawing that includes a number of shapes and lines, or you’ve added
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