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Adding Screenshots and Clippings
special elements to offset WordArt titles, or you want to ensure two photos line up on the
page, you can use the Align tool in the Arrange group to put things in their proper order.
Here are the steps for aligning objects on your page:
1. Select the objects you want to align by pressing and holding Shift while clicking the
2. Click Align in the Arrange group on the Ribbon. A list of Align choices appears (see
Figure 17-25).
Figure 17-25 Choose Align to ensure that objects on your page line up.
3. Point to a choice you want to preview in your document and then click to select the
one you want. All selected items are aligned according to your choice.
I can’t select multiple objects.
If you press Shift and click items in your document but they don’t become part of
your selection, most likely the Wrap Text setting for the items you’re trying to select is
still set to In Line With Text. To make the object available for selection and alignment,
choose Text Wrapping (in the Arrange group) and select In Front Of Text.
You can’t select pictures and shapes at the same time; and if the picture is a bitmap, you
can’t select it with other objects. The workaround for this problem is to place all of the
objects in a drawing canvas.
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