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Controlling Object Layering
To group objects, begin by arranging the objects where you want them to appear in the
document. Then select the objects you want to group (press Shift and click each object you
want to include). Next, click Group in the Arrange group in the Drawing Tools. The multiple
handles that surrounded each item now disappear, and one set of handles appears for the
entire group. You can move, copy, and resize the group as needed.
If you want to make a change to any object within the group, you’ll need to ungroup it
before you can work with it. To ungroup objects, select the group and click Ungroup in the
Arrange group on the Ribbon.
Controlling Object Layering
When you create a drawing that contains many objects, you’ll need to control which
objects are layered in front of and behind other objects. Paying attention to how objects
are layered can save you from inadvertently hiding parts of your drawings that should be
Put your objects in the right order on the page by selecting an object and clicking either
Bring To Front or Send To Back in the Arrange group. Clicking the selection itself performs
the action—in other words, when you click Bring To Front, the selected object moves to the
front of any other objects at that point on the page.
Both the Bring To Front and Send To Back tools have their own sets of options. Click
the arrow to the left of each selection to see how you can further qualify the selection.
Depending on the number of objects you have layered in your drawing, you might want
to move the object in front of text, bring it forward one level, or send it backward behind
another object. Experiment with these choices to get a feel for them. You will use these
tools often if you do a lot of drawing in Word.
If you’re having trouble selecting an object, it might be positioned behind another
object on the page. Press Tab to cycle through the selected objects until the handles of
the object you want are displayed, indicating that it is selected.
Choosing Art Position
Depending on how many pictures, drawings, and objects you will be using on your pages,
you might want some kind of method of positioning your object that doesn’t require
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