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Controlling Text Wrapping
clicking and dragging or aligning and distributing. With the Position tool in the Arrange
group you can select the position on the page where you want your image(s) to appear,
with text automatically lowing around it. Here’s how to easily position an image in your
1. Select the image you want to position.
2. Click Position in the Arrange group. A gallery of position options appears.
3. Click the position you want to use for the current page.
Now as you add headlines, text, and other objects to the page, the image will be placed in
the position you indicated. If you want to fine-tune your selection of the image position,
click More Layout Options at the bottom of the Position gallery to display the Advanced
Layout dialog box. From there, you can specify your choices related to the horizontal
alignment, vertical alignment, and position of the object, as well as the way in which it relates to
surrounding text.
Controlling Text Wrapping
If the Position tool helps you determine how the image relates to the entire page (and it
does), the Text Wrapping tool determines the relationship between your art and your text.
When you choose a Text Wrapping option, you are telling Word how you want the text to
low around (or through or behind) the image you have added. This is a simple and flexible
feature that gives you a number of creative ways to create and enhance the layout of your
page. Here’s how to do it:
1. Click the image you want to use.
In the Arrange group on the Ribbon, click the Wrap Text arrow.
A list of Text Wrapping options appears. By default, In Line With Text might be
selected (unless you’ve changed it previously), which means that the image is treated
like text and will move with the paragraph as you add text to the document.
3. Select the Wrap Text choice that you want to apply to the selected image.
The selection is applied to the image, and the text relows accordingly. Table 17-3
describes each of the choices in more detail.
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