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Viewing More Than One Page at a Time
Viewing More Than One Page at a Time
The Zoom group on the View tab includes five different tools with which you can change
the size and number of pages you view on the screen at any one time. Page Width view is
selected by default, but you can easily change the view to match your own comfort level.
To change the size of the text, click the Zoom tool to open the Zoom dialog box. You can
choose one of the preset sizes or specify your own by clicking in the Percent box and
typing a new value (see Figure 1-21). You can also change the number of pages displayed by
choosing the Many Pages option and then dragging to select the number of pages you
want to display on the screen. The Preview window shows you how your document will
look, and the sample text area shows how readable (or not!) your text will be. When you’ve
made changes you are happy with, click OK to save them.
Figure 1-21 Use the Zoom dialog box to change the way your document is displayed.
In addition to changing the page display in the Zoom dialog box, you can also easily switch
among multipage views by clicking the One Page, Two Pages, or Page Width tools in the
Zoom group on the View tab. Each of these tools behaves the way you would expect—One
Page shows you the whole page at the cursor position; Two Pages displays the page on
which the cursor is active and the next full page in the document; and Page Width
magnifies or reduces the size of the document so that it its the width of the Word window.
Working with Multiple Documents
When you are working on a big project, chances are that you will have more than one
document open at the same time. If you’re copying and pasting your research notes into a new
journal article you’re writing, or if you’re incorporating the latest fundraising figures into
the annual report, you’ll need an easy way of moving among open documents while you
work. The View tab includes the Window group which gives you the means to do just that.
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