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2. Click Wrap Text in the Arrange group and ensure that either Tight or Through is the
choice selected. (If you choose any other wrapping style, Edit Wrap Points will not be
3. Choose Edit Wrap Points.
A red dashed boundary with several black handles appears around your image.
4. Click one of the handles and drag it to create the boundary you want to set for the
text low (see Figure 17-26). The line stays where you put it.
Figure 17-26 You can create your own Edit Wrap Points to customize the text low on
your page.
5. To create another handle (you aren’t limited to following the shape of the image—
you can stretch and add edit points any place you choose), simply click in the
boundary line and drag it out to the point at which you want it.
This creates another handle at that point and establishes the boundary where you
put it.
What’s Next?
This chapter introduced you to all things art—now you know how to add, enhance, and
arrange pictures, clip art, shapes, and screenshots on your document page. The next
chapter takes you into the realm of the exceptions, by introducing you to techniques you can
use with Word extras—equations, text boxes, objects, and more.
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