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Adding the Extras: Equations, Text Boxes, and Objects
Figure 18-1 The Equation Gallery includes a built-in collection of common equations that you
can insert into your documents and modify to meet your needs.
The new Equations functionality is not available in Compatibility Mode; therefore,
equations within documents that are opened in previous versions of Word or saved in
the Word 97-2003 file format will be converted to images.
Choosing an Equation from the Gallery
To insert a new equation via the Equation gallery, click the Equation button in the Symbol
group on the Insert tab, then click the arrow below the Equation button and click an
equation in the Equation gallery, or press Alt+=. Once an equation is inserted, the contextual
Equation Tools appear, as shown in Figure 18-2. The Design tab contains a large collection
of tools, symbols, and mathematical structures you can use to insert and control equations.
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