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Adding the Extras: Equations, Text Boxes, and Objects
Equation placeholders do not appear in Full Screen Reading view, Print Preview, or in
printed documents.
The process of constructing your equation is a simple matter of adding the Equation
content control, and then typing what you want to add and clicking the structure and symbols
you want to use. Word inserts what you type and click as you build the equation, as shown
in the following illustration:
Click handle and drag
to a new location
Click to display
Equation Options
Controlling Equation Display
When you insert an equation, it appears in what’s called a content control , which is a kind
of content placeholder for interactive elements on your page. You can use the tools in the
Structures and Symbols groups on the Equation Tools Design tab to build your equation,
or you can click the Equation Options button on the right side of the equation to change
the way the equation is displayed (see Figure 18-5). Here’s what you can use the different
options to do:
Professional This option converts the selected formula to a two-dimensional
display, showing fractions as fractions, for example, with one set of values above
Linear Linear converts the equation so that the entire formula is on a single line,
which makes the characters easier to edit.
Change To Inline/Display This alters the way the equation appears in your
document. Display shows the equation in the center of the line; Inline positions the
equation in line with your paragraph text.
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