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Adding the Extras: Equations, Text Boxes, and Objects
Figure 18-6 Choose your preferences for equations in the Equation Options dialog box.
If you create equations that look fine in Word on the screen but do not print as
expected, verify that you have downloaded the most up-to-date drivers from your
printer manufacturer’s Web site.
Save an Equation to the Gallery
If you are particularly fond of the equation you just created and you think you will use it in
other documents you prepare, you can save it to the Equation gallery so it is ready to be
inserted on the page whenever you need it. To save the equation you’ve added, click the
Equation and then click the Equation Options arrow in the lower-right corner of the control.
From the list that displays, choose Save As New Equation. The Create New Building Block
dialog box appears, as you see in Figure 18-7.
Figure 18-7 Add the specifics of your new equation in the Create New Building Block
dialog box.
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