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Using Math AutoCorrect
Type a name (choose one that will help you remember the equation content) and then
choose a Category for the equation. You can also enter a description if you’d like and click
Options to choose whether the content is inserted by itself, or placed in its own paragraph
or on its own page. Click OK after you finish entering the information; the equation is
added at the top of the Equations gallery.
Using Math AutoCorrect
Similar to the functionality of the AutoCorrect feature, with Math AutoCorrect, you can
enter a few characters of a commonly used math function and let the program
automatically insert the entire function for you. Math AutoCorrect works only with Linear format
(meaning your equation needs to be all on one line), and the feature is only turned on by
default in math equations, although you can change the setting so equations are updated
anywhere in your document if you choose.
To display the Math AutoCorrect options, go to the Equation Options dialog box by clicking
the dialog launcher in the lower-right corner of the Tools group and then click Math
AutoCorrect. You can also press Alt+T+A and then click the Math AutoCorrect tab. The Math
AutoCorrect dialog box is where you can create the shortcuts you want to use when
generating your equations (see Figure 18-8).
Figure 18-8 With Math AutoCorrect, you can use the Linear Format to create equations.
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