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Viewing More Than One Page at a Time
When you want to easily move among open Word documents, use the Switch Windows
tool. When you click Switch Windows, a list appears that shows you the various open
windows (see Figure 1-22); just click the one you want to see.
Figure 1-22 Click Switch Windows and choose the document you want to view to move
among open files.
Use the New Windows tool when you want to open a new copy of the current document
in a new window. You might use this tool when you need to edit or compare different
portions of a large document instead of endlessly scrolling back and forth. When you’re ready
to close the copy, click the close button in the upper-right corner of the screen.
The Arrange All, Split, and View Side By Side commands all enable you to choose how you
want to view the open documents. If you have more than two documents open at once,
clicking View Side By Side displays the Compare Side By Side dialog box, as shown in the
following image. Here, you can choose the other open document you want to compare
with the current one. Select your choice and click OK to display the document.
Depending on the number of open document windows and your screen resolution,
when you use the Arrange All command, the Ribbon might disappear. This happens
due to the auto scale feature of the Ribbon. To return to the full view of the Ribbon,
simply resize the height of the document window.
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