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Using Math AutoCorrect
Math AutoCorrect entries are case sensitive. An entry such as \Sigma changes to Σ
(the uppercase Greek character) while \sigma changes to σ ( the lowercase Greek
The Recognized Functions button provides a list of expressions that are not
automatically italicized when creating equations. You can add additional expressions to the list.
If you want to use Math AutoCorrect anywhere in your document, select the Use Math
AutoCorrect Rules Outside Of Math Regions option. Otherwise, you can only use Math AutoCorrect
in an Equation Content Control by inserting a new equation from the Equation gallery on
the Insert tab or by pressing Alt+=.
The Equation gallery and the ability to insert new equations are disabled if you are
using Word in Compatibility Mode; however, Math AutoCorrect can still be used.
To create new Math AutoCorrect entries, first select the desired symbol or group of
symbols in a document and display the AutoCorrect dialog box (Alt+T+A). On the Math
AutoCorrect tab, type your replace characters in the Replace text box. Your replace characters
do not need to start with a backslash (\), but this syntax is recommended to maintain
If you have standard equations, consider turning them into Building Blocks and
associating them with the Equations gallery to ease insertion.
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