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Adding and Linking Text Boxes
Call Attention to Your Equations
You can add emphasis to an equation by adding a rectangle around it. Here’s how to do
it: create a new equation (Alt+=), click Normal Text in the Tools group of the Equation
Tools Design tab, and then type \rect (\quadratic ). The spaces here are very
important, so be sure to include them. Your equation should look like the following image:
The spaces are important because they trigger Math AutoCorrect to convert the
equation as you type. In the example here, once you type the space after \rect , you see a
small rectangle. The space after (\quadratic converts to a quadratic formula. After
you type the closing parentheses and the space, the rectangle is placed around the
Adding and Linking Text Boxes
Text boxes give you a lot of flexibility in how you add and display text “extras” in your
document. You might add a text box with a quote from a happy customer, for example, or
provide information on how a prospective member can subscribe to your newsletter. Word
2010 includes a number of features with which you can add, edit, and enhance your text
boxes easily. You can assign all sorts of looks to the boxes and use the colors, fonts, and
styles associated with the theme you’ve selected to keep the appearance consistent and
When placing text in Word, you can use either text boxes or shapes that are formatted
to contain text. You might use text boxes when you want to position a block of text that
stands out and isn’t part of the normal low of column text on your page. Or you might
add a text box to contain continuing content from another page—for example, you might
create a newsletter in which a story starts on the cover page but concludes on another
page, later in the newsletter.
In addition to creating interesting page layouts and continuing a story from one text block
to another (also referred to as lowing text in linked text boxes), you might also want to use
text boxes to accomplish the following tasks:
Change the format of selected text
Rotate or lip text
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