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Adding and Linking Text Boxes
Change text orientation
Group text blocks and change their alignment or distribution as a group
This part of the chapter describes how you can manipulate and control text using text boxes
and shapes as text containers. (Once a shape contains text, it is converted to a text box.)
Keep in mind that when you’re working with text boxes, you must work in Print Layout view
to be able to see the text boxes while you work. Figure 18-9 displays a text box (formatted
as a shape) on the left as well as two text boxes inserted using the Text Box gallery—all in
Print Layout view.
Figure 18-9 Text boxes bring attention to your information and separate related text from other
document content.
As you can see, the active text box is shown surrounded by a frame-like border built from
dashed lines and sizing handles. This border appears whenever you click a text box, and it
serves a number of purposes, including moving and resizing the text box as well as
providing access to the text box properties.
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