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Adding Text Boxes
Adding Text Boxes
Word 2010 makes adding text boxes a simple task using the Text Box gallery, which is
found on the Insert tab in the Text group. An example of the Text Box gallery is shown
in Figure 18-10.
Figure 18-10 The Text Box gallery provides preformatted, theme-enabled text boxes.
The Text Box gallery includes various text box styles. For example, you can use simple text
boxes that can be moved and positioned anywhere on a page to create what is called a
pull quote (the middle text box in Figure 18-9), or you can choose those that are
automatically placed on the edge of the page, to create a sidebar (the text box on the right
in Figure 18-9).
You can also use the Draw Text Box command, found toward the bottom of the Text Box
gallery, to manually draw and insert text boxes. However, if you need more than a standard
text box, you might find that starting with a text box from the gallery and making minor
formatting modifications, such as changing it to another shape, achieves faster results.
To start with a Shape as a text container, use the Shapes gallery found on the Insert
tab. To add text, right-click the shape and click Add Text, which converts the shape to a
text box. You will see contextual Text Box Tools when the shape is activated instead of
contextual Drawing Tools, which do not contain the additional text options described
in this chapter.
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