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Adding Text Boxes
As you create text boxes in your document, you can move and resize them in the same
manner that you move and resize drawing objects—dragging them by their edges and
sizing handles. To move a text box, point to the border, watch for the Move mouse pointer
(multi-directional arrows), then click and drag the text box to another location. To resize
a text box, you can drag the sizing handles (the small blue boxes and circles shown in
Figure 18-11) to change the width and height of the text box.
Figure 18-11 Use the blue boxes and circles surrounding text boxes to reshape text into more
interesting configurations.
Use the blue circles on each corner to resize the shape proportionally; the blue boxes
resize only the height or width.
If the text box is formatted as a shape, it can be rotated by dragging the green circle (only
the shape rotates, the text stays horizontal). Some shapes can be reshaped by dragging the
yellow diamond.
To place existing text into a text box, select the text, then on the Insert tab, display the
Text Box gallery and click Draw Text Box at the bottom. The selected text is
automatically inserted into a standard text box. Keep in mind that this method does not apply
to using shapes.
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