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Inserting Text into Text Boxes
To quickly activate and display the contextual Text Box Tools, double-click the edge of
a text box.
In addition to the formatting tools on the Format tab, you can format text boxes using the
Text Box options in the Format Shape dialog box. Specifically, you can control the position
of text inside text boxes, and you can have Word automatically resize a text box to
accommodate the complete text of a story.
Controlling Text in Text Boxes
You can control the distance between the text and the edges of its bounding text box by
adjusting the internal margin of the text box, as described in the following steps:
1. Click the text box to active it. On the Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click the
dialog launcher to display the Format Shape dialog box.
2. Click the Text Box tab, as shown in Figure 18-12.
Figure 18-12 You can control the spacing around text in text boxes by configuring the
internal margin settings in the Format Shape dialog box.
In the Internal Margin area, increase or decrease the left, right, top, and bottom
margin measurements to control the distance between the text and the selected
object’s edges. Click Close to apply the settings.
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