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Moving Between Linked Text Boxes
Moving Between Linked Text Boxes
After you link text boxes, you can easily jump from one text box to another. To do so, select
a text box that’s part of a linked series of text boxes. Position your insertion point at the end
of text in a filled text box and then press the right arrow key. You can also jump to the
preceding text box by positioning your insertion point at the beginning of the text in a text
box and then pressing the left arrow key.
If you often need to move forward and backward among linked text boxes, you might
want to add the Next Text Box and Previous Text Box buttons to the Quick Access
Toolbar from Commands Not In The Ribbon.
Copying or Moving Linked Text Boxes
You can copy or move a story (including text boxes and their contents) to another
document or another location in the same document. If your story consists of multiple linked
text boxes that aren’t contained on a single drawing canvas, you must select all of the
linked text boxes in the story before you can copy the story and text boxes. If they are on
a single drawing canvas, you can select any text box in the series of linked text boxes and
copy the entire story and the selected text box to another location. Or, you can select all of
the text boxes on the drawing canvas to copy the story and all of the associated text boxes.
To create a drawing canvas, on the Insert tab, click Shapes, and then click New Drawing
Canvas. To automatically insert a drawing canvas by default when you insert a text box
or shape, display Word Options, then in the Advanced area, select Automatically Create
Drawing Canvas When Inserting AutoShapes.
When you copy one or a few linked text boxes (but not an entire story) that are not on a
drawing canvas, you copy only the selected text box or boxes without the content. When
you copy a single text box that is part of an entire story that appears in text boxes on a
single drawing canvas, you copy the entire story along with the selected text box. This
means that when you paste the text box, you will probably need to resize it to see the
entire story or will need to add text boxes and link them to the newly inserted text box.
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