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Moving Between Linked Text Boxes
If you want to copy an entire story along with all of the text boxes containing the story,
you need to select all of the text boxes before copying them, as described in the following
In Print Layout view, select a text box in the story by clicking the edge of the text box.
You must select the edge of a text box if you want to copy the text box. If you
click inside the text box and then click Copy on the Home tab, or press Ctrl+C,
Word does not copy anything.
If you want to copy multiple text boxes, you can click anywhere in the text box
while you press Shift and click to select additional text boxes.
2. Press Shift and then click the text boxes you want to copy or move.
In the Clipboard group on the Home tab, click Copy or Cut (or press Ctrl+C or
4. Click where you want to reposition the text boxes, then in the Clipboard group on the
Home tab, click Paste (or press Ctrl+V).
To copy or move content that appears within a text box without copying or moving the
text box itself, select just the text or content in the same way that you select standard text
and content and then copy or move it in the same way you normally copy or move content
in Word documents. To select and copy all text in a linked story, click in the story, press
Ctrl+A, and either copy and paste or drag the text to the desired location. You can select all
of the text in a story by using Ctrl+A regardless of whether the story’s text boxes are on a
drawing canvas.
Obtaining Word Count Statistics for Text Box Content
In Word 2010, you can include text within text boxes in your document’s word count
statistic—this ability was not available in versions of Word prior to Word 2007. To
control whether to include text inside text boxes in word count statistics, open the Word
Count dialog box by clicking Words in the status bar. Select or clear the Include
Textboxes, Footnotes And Endnotes check box to count or exclude text inside of text boxes
in your word count statistics.
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