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Insert an Object
is a good idea if file size is not an issue and you want simply to be able to edit the object
on the fly without leaving Word.
Insert an Object
When you’re ready to add an object to your Word page, click the Object arrow in the Text
group on the Insert tab and choose Object. In the Object dialog box (Figure 18-13), click
one of the following tabs:
Create New Use this if you want to add a new item to your Word page
Create From File Select this if you want to add an object you’ve already created in
a different document
Figure 18-13 You use the Objects dialog box to create or add objects to your Word pages.
Create a New Object
On the Create New tab in the Object dialog box, you can choose the type of object you
want to create and Word launches the necessary program so you can do it. You can create
a wide range of objects, directly from within Word—Adobe Acrobat PDF files, bitmap
images, Excel worksheets and charts, PowerPoint slides and shows, Microsoft Works
documents, and more.
Scroll through the list and click the type of object you want to create. Click the file type you
want and then, if you want the object to be displayed as an icon in your text (as opposed
to appearing as the created object), select the Display as icon check box. (If you select this
check box, another option becomes available so that you can choose the icon used to
represent the object.) Click OK and Word opens the program needed to create the new object.
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