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Adding an Existing Object
Adding an Existing Object
If you want to add an object you’ve already created to your Word document, click the
Create From File tab in the Object dialog box (see Figure 18-14). Click Browse to navigate
to the folder containing the file you want to use, select it, and click OK.
Figure 18-14 Use Create From File to add an existing object to your Word pages.
Back in the Object dialog box, select the Link To File check box if you want to maintain
a link to the original file. This way, if you make changes to that source file, they will be
reflected in your document. Click Open to add the object to your page.
What’s Next?
This chapter introduced you to a few of the “extras” you might want to add to your Word
pages, such as equations, text boxes, and objects. The next chapter moves into the
collaborative realm by helping you explore the ways you can share, review, compare, merge, and
edit documents you and your team members make to present to the world.
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