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Creating Enhanced Borders
Figure 19-1 Clicking the Borders arrow in the Paragraph group displays a list of border choices.
Keep in mind that the Borders button is a toggle button. This means that with a click of
the button, you can add borders at the cursor position if they aren’t present or remove
borders if they are present.
Clear Borders Quickly with No Border
Although you can use the toggle effect of the Borders button to remove border lines,
you might want to clear all existing borders before applying new settings. To clear
existing borders, highlight the section you want to modify, click No Border in the
Borders gallery, and then, while the section is still selected, click the border style you
want to use.
Creating Enhanced Borders
A simple one-line border might do the trick when you are interested in only a box that sets
off items from surrounding text. But if you want to use the border as a design element on
your page, you can use the Borders And Shading dialog box to tailor the selections and
create a more sophisticated effect. The Borders And Shading dialog box presents you with
a variety of looks for your border (including 3-D and shadow effects). You can also change
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