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Selecting Line Styles for Borders
Selecting Line Styles for Borders
Word provides 24 line styles that you can use to create border effects. From simple, straight
lines to dotted, double, and triple lines, you can create a variety of looks by changing line
styles. Figure 19-3 shows a few examples of borders created with different line styles.
Figure 19-3 The line style you choose has a dramatic effect on the overall look of a border.
To choose a line style for a border, display the Borders And Shading dialog box and select
a line style in the Style list on the Borders tab. The Preview area shows the effect of your
choices. Set any other border choices you want then click OK. The document is updated
with your changes.
There’s not enough contrast in my double line.
If you create a double line and can’t see enough variation between lines of different
weights, you can play around with the line widths to achieve a better contrast. Start by
clicking in or selecting the area with the border. Next, display the Borders And Shading
dialog box by clicking the Borders button and choosing Borders And Shading at the
bottom of the gallery. On the Width list, choose a new line width setting. In the
Preview area in the dialog box, click the line you want to change.
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