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When You Need to Match Colors Exactly
Figure 19-5 You can match border colors exactly in the Colors dialog box.
8. Click OK to close the Colors dialog box.
9. Finish configuring your border settings in the Borders And Shading dialog box then
click OK to apply the custom color.
How Do I Choose the Best Colors for Borders?
The easiest way to choose colors for any section of your document is to choose a
theme that controls the fonts, colors, and effects used throughout the entire piece. If
you don’t want to use an existing theme or customize a theme to include the elements
you prefer, the question of choosing effective colors for your borders remains.
The trick to selecting effective colors for a document’s text, images, table borders, lines,
shading, and other components is to work with a color scheme that consists of three
or four main colors that complement the document’s design and provide appropriate
contrast. After you identify a color scheme, you can play with the colors a little to add
interest. For instance, if headings are dark blue, you might consider using the same
blue or a slightly lighter shade of the same blue for borders and lines. In addition,
document design often benefits from a consistent use of color across the board for similar
design elements. For instance, in a magazine or newsletter, all sidebars might be placed
in a green box while quotations appear in yellow boxes. That way, when readers see
green, they know they’re about to read a sidebar; when they see yellow, they recognize
that they’re reading a quotation. Color used wisely can greatly increase the readability
and visual appeal of a publication.
You can simplify the task of selecting colors that work well together by using one of
the predesigned Word Themes as you create your document. When you use a Word
Theme, the colors displayed in the Theme Colors area of the Color palette help you
choose colors that are already used consistently in the document color scheme.
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